History of Linux Timeline

The Linux operating system is used on thousands of computers worldwide including the Ubuntu distribution installed on the laptops used in the Penn Manor 1:1 program. Here is brief time line of the history of the development and uses of Linux.

1991: Finnish computer scientist Linus Torvalds begins to program the Linux kernel as an independent project.

1992: Linux kernel Version 0.01 is released onto the internet.


1993: The first Debian Linux is distributed; Mark Ewing and Bob Young establish Red Hat Incorporated.

1994: Linux 1.0 is released.


1996: The mascot of Linux, Tux, is created by Larry Ewing; Linux 2.0 adds support to more processors.

1998: IBM invests one billion dollars toward Linux development.


1999: The GNOME desktop environment is released for Linux.

2004: Ubuntu 4.10 is released.


2007: The Linux Foundation is created to sponsor Linux and its developers; Google announces the Android OS for mobile phones.

2011: Google announces the Chromebook and cloud-based Chrome OS.

2013: The Ubuntu Touch OS for mobile phones is revealed.

2015: Linux 4.2 is the latest version of the Linux kernel.

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