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The Reality of Virtual Reality

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless” ~Jean-Jacques Rosseau [1]         That statement is wrong, and the proof is right in front of you. The act of using a computer or … Continue reading

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How to Use MuseScore

Step-by-Step Directions for Creating Music on MuseScore Michael Stum Do you like listening to music or perhaps even making your own?  MuseScore is an application that allows you to make your own music and listen to it to see how … Continue reading

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Save your files before you go!

Attention Seniors! You may want to keep files after you leave Penn Manor. You can use a flash drive for files on your computer, but Google Drive is different. Be sure to transfer your files before they get removed from … Continue reading

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Podcast|Hacker Awards|Black Hat USA|Billion Dollar Hacker Gang|

This podcast has a main focal point of security and how it works what you can do to protect yourself and how the experts are doing. We can go and check on them together! **NOTICE** I will have artwork and … Continue reading

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Open Source Defined

What is open source software? What’s so great about it? What is the history of open source software? These are all questions which I hope to answer in this article. I should start by defining open source software. The GNU … Continue reading

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Podcast 017- Penn Manor 2016 STEM Summit

Recorded by Evan Gibson and Susan Black Evan and Susan discuss the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Summit that occurred at Penn Manor on December 14 and 15 Susan was a part of the STEM Summit as a student volunteer, … Continue reading

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Podcast 013 – Cellphone security and you

Recorded by Evan Gibson Evan discusses cellphones and the steps you can take to protect yours. Article discussing cellphone security: Article providing 5 tips for protecting your cellular devices:

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Why Online Privacy Matters Even If You Have “Nothing to Hide”

   Online privacy has become a very controversial subject in these tumultuous times. Opposing views about privacy and security have clashed, but a talking point that is often brought up is that privacy should not be important to you if … Continue reading

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Home WiFi Not Connecting

If you have tried to connect to your home WiFi under the menu bar WiFi icon and it looks like it is connected, but you are unable to get out to websites, please watch this short video with the work around to get … Continue reading

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Libre Office- How to Save with a Different File Format

The student laptops have Libre Office and when saving work using Libre Office the default file extension is (.odt). If a teacher is requesting a specific file extension format for an assignment to be uploaded or sent to them such … Continue reading

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