Grant Application Window Open. Deadline 11/10/23

The Comet Co-curricular Committee (PMC3) would like to announce the opening of our latest round of grant funding. If your CCA has a financial need, please do not hesitate to submit a grant request.

   Take the following actions if you would like to submit a grant request:

1.     Review the PMC3 Policy Guide.  It is a comprehensive document that covers all aspects of how PMC3  operates.  Pay particular attention to Section E – Funding and Grants.

2.     The Grant Request Form is located here. You may complete the form, scan it, and email it to us at   You may also access the form from our website at  The website also contains more information about the program. 

3.   The deadline for submitting Grant Requests is 10 November 2023.

4.   All requests must contain a minimum of two quotes or estimates.  Please attach copies.  If unable to provide multiple quotes/estimates, please submit a written explanation along with your grant request form.

5.   All requests must contain two signatures. Both the coach/advisor and the general membership rep must sign the application.  If your CCA does not have a general membership rep, the second signature must be from the Athletic Director or one of the high school Principals.  Actual signatures are required

6.   Grant applications that are incomplete or do not comply with the above instructions, will not be considered.

7.   We are always in need of General Membership reps who may be interested in serving on our Voting Board. If interested, please let us know. The time commitment is minimal, just 5 in-person meetings per year.

8.     Please don’t hesitate to email your questions to us at  

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