Spring Choral Concert May 11th


This is just a reminder that our Spring Choral Concert is this Wednesday,  May 11th at 5:30 pm on the Hambright playground. I am so excited to showcase all of your student’s hard work!

A ll students in 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade, and 5th and 6th Grade Chorus will need to arrive by 5:15 pm and report to their assigned spot. This is an outdoor event. Due to the anticipated attendance, this is a bring your own chair event. If you do not wish to sit on the concrete or grass, please plan to bring a blanket or chair to sit on. Chairs will not be provided.  

Hoping to see you there! 

Mrs. Brubaker 


Este es solo un recordatorio de que nuestro Concierto Coral de Primavera es la próxima semana el 11 de mayo a las 5:30 pm en el patio de recreo de Hambright. Todos los estudiantes de 1er,  2do, 3er grado y Coro de 5to y 6to grado deberán llegar a las 5:15 p.m. y presentarse en el lugar asignado. Este es un evento al aire libre. En caso de malas condiciones climáticas esa noche, usaremos nuestra fecha de lluvia del 18 de mayo a las 5:30 p.m. Debido a la asistencia anticipada, este es un evento de traer su propia silla. Si no desea sentarse en el concreto o el césped, planee traer una manta o una silla para sentarse. No se proporcionarán sillas.

¡Espero verte allí!

Sra. Brubaker 

नमस्ते !

यो सूचना पुन : स्मरणका लागि हो। 

मे ११ साँझ ५:३० बजे “स्प्रिङ्ग कोरल कन्सर्ट” हुदैछ। यो कार्यक्रम ह्याम्बराइट खेल मैदानमा हुनेछ। कार्यक्रममा सहभागि हुने १ देखि ६ कक्षा विद्यार्थीहरू साँझ ५:१५ बजे सम्म कार्यक्रम स्थलमा आइपुग्नु पर्ने छ र उपस्थिति भएको जानकारी गराउनु पर्ने छ।  

यो कार्यक्रम खुल्ला चौरमा हुने छ। कार्यक्रम हुने साँझको मौसम यदी खराब भएमा हामी मे १८ साँझ ५:३० कालि कार्यक्रम सार्ने छौं।  

पुनश्च : यो कार्यक्रम खुल्ला मैदानमा हुने हो । त्यहाँ बस्नका लागि आवश्यक पर्ने कुर्सी तपाई आफैले ल्याउन सक्नु हुने छ। यदी तपाई कंक्रीट वा घाँसमा बस्नु चाहानुहुन्छ भने पनि बस्नका लागि बिछ्यौना (चकटी,म्याटिस) आफैले व्यवस्था गर्नु पर्ने छ।

आयोजकले कुर्सी उपलब्ध गराउने छैन। 

तपाईलाई त्यहाँ भेट्ने आशा छ!

श्रीमती ब्रुबेकर

Hambright Spring Concert Information


We will be having two in person Spring Concerts here at Hambright in the next few weeks, one for our instrumental students and one for grades 1-3 and our 5th and 6th grade chorus. Here are the details for both 🙂

Wednesday, April 20th- Hambright Instrumentalist Spring Concert 
Who: Any 5th or 6th grade student who takes instrumental lessons here at Hambright 
Where: Hambright Cafeteria 
Time: 5:30 pm (approx. 30-40 minutes in length)
All instrumental students will need to arrive to the Hambright music room by 5:15 pm for instrument setup and tuning.

Wednesday, May 11th- Hambright (Outdoor) Spring Choral Concert 
Who: All students in 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade and members of the 5th and 6th grade chorus 
Where: The Hambright Playground Time: 5:30 pm (approx. 45-60 minutes in length) 
Notable Details:
Due to the anticipated attendance of this performance, this is a bring your own chair event. Seating will not be provided. If you do not wish to sit on the concrete or grass, please plan to bring a chair or blanket to sit on. Rain Date May 18th at 5:30. 

All student performers involved with the outdoor Hambright Spring Choral Concert will need to arrive by 5:15 pm and should line up with their class outside of the large glass windows of the cafeteria. The concert will start promptly at 5:30 pm. There will be a combined song at the end of the performance for all the student performers to sing, please plan to stay for the entire performance.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mrs. Brubaker 🎶

Outdoor Spring Concert *Save the Date*


This is Mrs. Brubaker, the music teacher here at Hambright and I am excited to share with you a performance opportunity for your student that is coming this spring! On Wednesday, May 11th , 2022 we will be hosting our first ever OUTDOOR Spring Concert here on the Hambright Playground. The Outdoor Spring Concert will be about an hour long and will feature performances from 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade and the 5th and 6th Grade Hambright Chorus. I will be sharing additional information as the concert date approaches but for now mark your calendars for this exciting event! 

I’m looking forward to showing off all your student’s musical talents on May 11th


Mrs. Brubaker 
Hambright Music Teacher 

Music 🎶 Parent Teacher Conferences (Optional for All Students 1-6 Grade)

On Nov. 22nd and 23rd we will be offering Parent Teacher Conferences. You make choose to set up a conference with your child’s specials teacher (Art, Music, Gym and Applied Engineering). Each conference is 15 minutes long, and you may choose an “in-person” conference or a “virtual” conference. (For in-person conferences, masks must be worn in the building at all times.)

Below is the link to sign up for a conference about Music Class with Mrs. Brubaker 🎶

You will need to sign in with a Google Account (you may use your students, but please note that the confirmation email will be sent to THEIR school g-mail account. If choosing a virtual conference, you will need to use their gmail account to log in to the actual meeting as well.

Here is a video with directions for signing up. Be sure to include your child’s name and “in-person” or “virtual” in the description box when you sign up.

First Grade Spring Assembly Music 2020

Mi Cuerpo
Mi cuerpo, mi cuerpo hace musica (2x) 
Mis manos hace clap clap clap
Mis pies hacen stomp stomp stomp
Mi boca hace  la la la
Mi cuerpo hace  cha cha cha!
My body makes music listen you can see! (2x) 
My hands, my hands go clap clap clap
My feet, my feet go stomp stomp stomp
My mouth, my mouth goes la la la
My body does the cha cha cha!

This Land is Your Land
This land is your land
This land is my land
From California to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters
This land was made for you and me

As I was walking that ribbon of highway
I saw above me that endless skyway
I saw below me that golden valley
This land was made for you and me

This land is your land
This land is my land
From California to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters
This land was made for you and me x2

Lessons This Week (Jan 27-31)

All Student Who Take Lessons with Ms. Almoney 
5th and 6th Grade Band Instrument
Beginning Clarinet
Beginning Alto Saxophone 
Mrs Brubaker’s Students 
Beginning Flute: N. Poole-King

Beginning Flute
G. Ferre

Beginning Flute
L. Underhill

Mrs. Brubaker’s Cello Students

Mrs. Hamer’s D1 Violin and Viola Students

Beginning Trumpet
L. Crawford

Lessons This Week (Jan 21-24)

Tuesday :
5th Grade Bells   

Beginning Trumpet
S. Meli  
P. Rankin

5th Grade Bass      

5th Grade Percussion
Mrs. Hamer’s D2 Violin and Viola