Lessons for Next Week (Sept 17-21)

Monday: Cycle Day D2 
6th Grade Percussion 
5th Grade Clarinets 
6th Grade Beginning Percussion 
5th Grade Percussion 
4th Grade Percussion 
Beginning Bells (Xylophone) 
Beginning Trumpet 
     G. Bulett 
     J. Lualhati 

Tuesday: Cycle Day A1 
5th and 6th Grade Saxophone

Wednesday: Cycle Day B1
6th Grade Clarinets

Thursday: Cycle Day C1 
4th Grade Cellos 
4th Grade Baritones 
4th Grade Trumpets 
     N. McComsey 
     M. Fetter 

Friday: Cycle Day D1 
5th and 6 Grade Trombones 
5th Grade Violins 
4th Grade Violins 
4th Grade Violas 

Lessons for Next Week (Sept 10-14)

Monday Cycle Day C1 
4th Grade Cellos
4th Grade Baritones 
4th Grade Trumpets 

Tuesday Cycle Day D1
5th and 6th Grade Trombones
4th and 5th Grade Violin
4th Grade Violas  

Wednesday Cycle Day A2 
5th and 6th Grade Trumpets 
A. Lualhati 
F. Mausolf 
A. Valskis 
4th, 5th and 6th Grade Flutes 
Beginning Clarinets
4th Grade Saxophones 
4th Grade French Horn

Thursday Cycle Day B2 
5th Grade Trumpets 
Z. Santiago 
A. DeJesus-Ortiz 

Friday Cycle Day C2 
4th Grade Trombones 
5th and 6th Grade Trumpets 
D. Groff 
R. Quinn 

Lessons This Week (Aug 27-30)

Monday: Cycle Day C1 
6th Grade Upright Bass Lesson 

Tuesday: Cycle Day D1 
5th and 6th Grade Trombone Lesson 
5th Grade Violins

Wednesday: Cycle Day A2 
Trumpet Lesson 
A. Lualhati 
F. Mausolf 
A. Valskis 
5th and 6th Grade Flute
5th Grade Percussion  

Thursday: Cycle Day B2 
Trumpet Lesson 
H. Cusack 
Z. Santiago 

Registration for Beginning Instrumentalists is Open!

It’s that time of year again! If you have a Fourth Grader who’s interested in playing an instrument, please complete the google form for the student who will be playing an instrument – here is the link to register https://goo.gl/forms/JH7ftNqCUDoaakHg1

When you have completed the “orange form” (google form or physical orange paper) registration, then follow the next steps guide to secure your instrument, book, stand, and other required materials for participation in our school instrumental program. The instrumental teacher will contact your child/your child’s teacher with lesson times and dates.

Please contact Mrs. Brubaker at ashley.brubaker@pennmanor.net if you have any questions. 

Have a great day! 

Attention 4th Graders (2018-2019)

Most instruments will need to be provided by the family of the student. After selecting several choices of instruments, we hope that you and your child will be able to peruse the PM Elementary Instrumental Music Blog, learn about instruments, and make an instrument selection by September. We do recommend renting instruments from a local music store before you purchase. The students will start with lessons after September 11. Online registration forms will be open August 1-31. Please submit that form, purchase the required book, and get sized for string instruments, if that is your selection, and finally secure an instrument.

These are the instruments that we offer instruction for:

Woodwinds Flute
Clarinet (reed) Saxophone (reed)

Percussion *Xylophone/Mallets

*French Horn *Trombone (slide) *Baritone

Strings Violin Viola ‘Cello *Bass

Snare Drum Pad (very few will be started)

Instruments marked with * might be able to be rented from the school district $35/year. This is based upon availability.

If your child is interested in studying an instrument, please encourage him/her to listen for the instrument and discuss what they like about it when the radio is playing. Additionally, we recommend having more choices of possible instruments in the event that one is too small or is not physically suited for the first choice instrument. Ms. Almoney, Ms. Brennan, Mrs. Brubaker, Mr. Dutton, or Mrs. Hamer will certainly try to help make choices based upon physical assets. Have a great summer and we will see you in August!

Final Lesson of this School Year!

Good Afternoon!

I hope you’re having a great day! I just wanted to connect with you in regards to lessons for this coming cycle. I would like to meet with the band students one more time this school year during this next cycle.
I will be meeting with the current 4th and 5th grader band students to go over a packet of music they can practice over the summer. This packet will have some exercises they can practice, band music for next year and it will have a list of private teachers, if you are interested in taking private lessons over the summer (lessons are NOT required but would be greatly helpful for any student).
Please encourage your student musician to bring their instrument and book to school with them for their lesson this cycle.
The schedule will be as follows: 
Wednesday, May 23rd: 
4th and 5th Grade Flutes
Thursday, May 24th: 
4th Grade Saxophones
Friday, May 25th:
4th and 5th Grade Clarinets
4th and 5th Grade Trombones
4th and 5th Grade Percussion
4th and 5th Grade Trumpets
Thanks and have a great day!

Lesson Next Week (May 14-18)

With the concert coming on Wednesday,  I will be straying a bit from our regular lesson schedule. Lessons will be as follows for this week:

Monday: All 5th and 6th Grade Trumpets

4th Grade Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones and Percussion (Plus 6th grade beginning percussion and 5th grade beginning flute)

All 4th Grade Violins

No Lessons

No Lessons

Lessons will resume next week for the final lessons of the school year.

Lessons for Next Week (May 7-11)

Monday: Cycle Day A2
5th Grade Baritone 11:20-11:40

Tuesday: Cycle Day B2
5th Grade Bass 9:05-9:25
5th Grade Trumpet (5-M) 9:30-9:50
5th Grade Beginning Flute 11:20-11:40

Wednesday: Cycle Day C2
4th Grade Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, All Trumpets and Trombones 10:40-11:10
4th Grade Percussion 11:15-11:25

Thursday: Cycle Day D2
All 4th Grade Trumpets

Friday: Cycle Day A1
5th and 6th Grade Flutes

Lessons For Next Week (April 30-May 4)

Monday: Cycle Day D2
4th Grade Trumpets (4-R) 11:20-11:40

Tuesday: Cycle Day A1
6th Grade Flutes 11:20-11:40

Wednesday: Cycle Day B1
5th and 6th Grade Clarinets 9:05-9:25
5th and 6th Grade Saxophones 9:30-9:50
5th and 6th Grade Trumpets 11:20-11:40

Thursday: Cycle Day C1
4th Grade Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, All Trumpets and Trombones 10:40-11:10
4th Grade Percussion 11:15-11:25

Friday: Cycle Day D1

Thursday: Cycle Day D1
5th and 6th Grade Percussion 11:20-11:40
4th Grade Violins (4-R) 1:10-1:30
4th Grade Violins (4-G) 1:30-1:50
4th Grade Violins (4-S) 1:50-2:10
6th Grade Violins (6-R and 6-B) 2:10-2:30
6th Grade Violins (6-S and 6-W) 2:30-2:50
5th Grade Flutes (5-L) 2:50-3:10