Listening Examples

Orchestra Selections

Sailing Home by Thomas Gregory
Airport! by Thomas Gregory
Fiery Fiddler by Thomas Gregory slower
Coronation Fanfare by George Best
Mary & the Lamb: World Tour  Arr. Elizabeth Lavender
Rigadoon by Purcell
Hambone Arr. Robert Woods
If it ain’t Baroque… Arr. by Timothy Loest slower
Lightly Row
Bristol Park
Simple Gifts
Aeolian Rock by Jeffrey Frizzi slower
Instinct by Brian Balmages
SOS P28 Star Song 86bpm
SOS P29 Jingle Bells 84bpm
SOS P30 Simple Gifts (6 beat count in)
SOS P 31 Lightly Row 88bpm
Fancy Fiddles by Mark Williams
First Scale March by Mark Williams
Russian Music Box by Soo He Newbold
Hunter’s Chorus by Weber, Arr. Meyer
Serenade and Dance by Mozart, Arr. John O’Reilly
Simple Square Dance by Dorothy Straub
Summer Stomp by Dorothy Straub
Music for the Royal Fireworks by George Frideric Handel, Arr. Carrie Lane Gruselle
Star Dancer by Mark Williams
Mango Tango by Robert S. Frost
Stone Mountain Stomp by Carl Strommen
Peanutbutter and Celli by Compello
March for Strings by George Frideric Handel, arr. Fishburn

Band selections

Star Spangled Banner Key/Smith, Arr. Paul Murtha
Starfire March by Bruce Pearson and Barrie Gott
Refried Beans by Bruce Pearson and Barrie Gott
Jamaica Sunrise by Bruce Pearson and Barrie Gott
Somerset Overture by Anne McGinty
March from “Scipio” by GF Handel
Rock Point 5 by Bruce Pearson and Barrie Gott
Chant and Celebration by Barrie Gott
A Little Bit of Swing by Bruce Pearson
If it ain’t Baroque… Arr. by Timothy Loest
The Great Wall of China by David Bobrowitz GWC Slower
My Heart Will Go On Arr. Paul Lavender My Heart Slower
Songs of the New World by Anne McGinty SNW Slower
Neverland by Bill Calhoun NL Slower
Cardiff Castle by Mark Williams
From Sound Innovations Book 1:
#50 Rock this Band
#71 Serenade
#72 Invaders
#73 Academic Festival Overture
#172 Great Gate of Kiev
#183 Take a Ride on the Blues Train
If you are using Sound Innovations as your lesson book, then please try the Alfred Publishing site to hear your exercises. You simply need to type in your product number.
Regal March by Bruce Pearson and Chuck Elledge
Selections from Beauty and the Beast Menkin, Arr. Paul Lavender
The Thunderer YouTube by John Philip Sousa
Cabo Rico by Chuck Elledge
Anasazi by John Edmonson
English Folk Trilogy English Folk Trilogy by Anne McGinty
Selections from Beauty and the Beast arranged by Paul Lavender

String Practice Pieces

D Major Scale – Round
Simple Square Dance (8 Beat Intro) by Dorothy Straub
Open String Tunes 1-3
Open String Tunes 4-9
Open String Tunes 17-18
19 Goldfish
Open String Tunes 19-23
Open String Tunes 24-26
Open String Tunes 27-29
Open String Tunes 30 Supersleuth by Sheila Johnson
Open-One Blues by Garzda & Stoutamire
Hoe Down by Stanley Fletcher
Holiday Hoe Down by Stanley Fletcher, Arr. E. Lavender
First Finger Tunes 51-52
1-01 Willow Waltz by Thomas Gregory
Essential Elements
86 Ode to Joy
106 French Folk Song
182 Theme from Surprise Symphony
193 Minuet – Bach – Violin Solo
1 Willow Waltz by Thomas Gregory
3 St. Anthony Chorale
2 Jig by Thomas Gregory
20 Olivia’s Song by Johnson/Rolland
4 Manhattan Blues by Thomas Gregory
15 Under the Coconut Tree by Thomas Gregory