Penn Manor Productions

Penn Manor Productions is the organization that oversees the production of two shows each year: a fall play and a spring musical.

PMP is primarily a self-funded activity, and is responsible for a large portion of the production costs, which include:

  • Royalties & Materials from each show’s licensing company – and costs that exceed the funds provided by the district.  Costs for: scripts, sheet music and contracts.
    • Fall Shows: Spelling Bee was $3250.  Twelve Angry Jurors was approximately $500, And Then There Was None was $1450.
    • Spring Shows: Grease was almost $9000, includes additional costs for adding songs from the movie.  Mermaid was almost $4000.  Mary Poppins is $4550.
    • 2015-2016 Total:  $11,250.
      • District funds $2000 each year (for both fall & spring shows).
      • PMP paid $9,250


  • PRODUCTION BUDGET – typically about $5-6000 per production – ($10-12,000 annually)
    • Set Construction
      • Lumber/Supplies
      • Tools
      • Paint
    • Costumes
      • Construction of Original Designs – materials
      • Rentals
      • Shoes & Accessories
    • Lighting and Sound Equipment
      • Light Board & Sound Board maintenance
      • Microphones
      • Batteries
    • Printed Materials – Program Booklets, Tickets
    • Props
    • Make Up

We do accept advertising for our program booklet by local groups & businesses.  If you’d like to be a part of the program for either/both shows this coming school year, please download the information here:  (check back soon!)



  • #   Tim on 11.08.10 at 7:31 pm     

    “Is He Dead?” Looks great so far!

  • #   Jean Bradel on 01.21.11 at 10:46 am     

    Please send form for placing an ad in the program for “Music Man”.

  • #   Bernie Hershey on 01.03.16 at 6:30 pm     

    Hi, hoping to go to the next meeting. Was wondering if you need help with costume construction?

  • #   mmintzer on 01.22.16 at 1:52 pm     

    We will be building some costumes (circle “poodle” skirts for the girls) – our costume coordinator will be in touch very soon with more details!


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