March 13 Reminders


  • TOMORROW (March 14) will be National Pi Day! If your child wishes to participate in this festive day, please encourage them to decorate their shirt with math equations!
  • Girls on the Run begins TOMORROW (March 14).  If your daughter is part of our GOTR team, please make sure she is reminded to stay after school for practice tomorrow from 3:45-5:15 PM.
  • Wednesday (March 15) will be Wisdom Wednesday! If your child wishes to participate in this festive day, please encourage them to wear something inspirational!
  • Wednesday (March 15) is our PTO Fundraiser Pick-Up Night!  If your child sold items for the fundraiser, please stop by Martic between 3:30 and 6:00 PM to pick them up.


  • Finish Lesson 8 Pattern Sheet worksheet

Upcoming Tests

  • Math: TOMORROW, March 14 (part 2)
  • Reading/Vocabulary (Quiz): Wednesday, March 15

Important Dates

  • March 16: Incredible Kid Day (wear a medal, tiara, or sash)
  • March 16: Bingo Night @ 6:00 PM (rescheduled from February 24)
  • March 17: Weather Make-Up Day; NO SCHOOL
  • March 20: Camo Day (wear camo)
  • March 21: Hat Day (wear a hat)
  • March 22: Next Book Exchange
  • March 22: Workout Wednesday (wear your favorite exercise gear)
  • March 23: Cookie Monster Day (dress in blue like Cookie Monster)
  • March 24: Flannel Friday (wear plaid or flannel)
  • March 28: End of Marking Period 3
  • March 28: Team Jersey Day (wear your favorite team jersey or shirt)
  • March 29: Wacky Hair Day (style your hair in a crazy way)
  • March 30: Tie-Dye Day (wear tie-dye)
  • March 31: House Color Day (wear your house shirt or color)
  • April 4: PTO Meeting @ 6:30 PM
  • April 5: Kids at Work Day (rescheduled from February 24)
  • April 6: Weather Make-Up Day; NO SCHOOL
  • April 7-9: Spring Break; NO SCHOOL
  • April 10: Weather Make-Up Day; NO SCHOOL
  • May 3: Olympic Day (volunteers needed)

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