Week of October 9th…

Hello, Marvelous Martic 5th Grade Families!

I hope this post finds you and yours having had a little time to rest and relax this past weekend since it was three days versus two! Keep reading to find out how your children have been STRETCHING their brains in order to STRENGTHEN them over the past few weeks! They are all unique, wonderful, extremely kind, and respectful human beings! Each of them has been working diligently to stay in a growth mindset and encouraging one another to do the same. It has been amazing to observe and listen to their socialization and cooperation skills firsthand! Way to go and grow, fifth graders! We are very proud of you!!!

Curriculum News:

English Language Arts: In reading, we have been reviewing and adding to our prior knowledge of the five elements of fiction. We read, analyzed, and discussed an anthology narrative entitled “Rope Burn”. We have also been reviewing how to mark up a TDA prompt in order to write the restate and answer which is the first paragraph of any TDA essay.

The ELA project that we have been working on, conferencing with Mrs. Eby about, and are now publishing is entitled, “I Believe in My #Selfie!” Ask your child to describe and explain it to you.

Spelling: We have worked with four units, in our spelling program, and taken a test, each Friday for the weekly words. Due to the short week, we are covering a spelling unit this week, thus, your child will not have a spelling test this coming Friday.

Math: Fifth-grade mathematicians have been working very diligently to conquer long-hand division with a single-digit divisor. Sometimes the quotient has a remainder and other times, it does not. They have been working in a whole group, small teams, and today individually to complete a “Progress Check”.

Thank you for your continuous support and have a wonderful week!

~ Mrs. Eby 🙂

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