MAJOR UPDATE ENCLOSED – please read in its entirety!

We NEED your help! There is work that can be done at home with more flexibility, or you can work at PMHS or the Shellenberger farm as your schedule allows. But the time is NOW to pitch in! PLEASE!

Because of the need to do an extensive cleaning, the district staff went into the make up room and green room – and emptied both spaces. (Pictures enclosed). We were told that they would put all items in bags for us to go through, but they had to make some executive decisions about what needed to go to the dumpster directly. Our task now is to get the bagged items cleared and put into a storage container off-site. Our request to the district was to allow us to prevent as many items from going to a dumpster/landfill as possible – and have been in contact with several sources and schools – but the main priority was to have the spaces emptied before they are cleaned by an outside company starting on Monday, July 8th.

The custodial staff worked for 5 hours on Wed to bag up our stuff. On Friday, Mrs. Shellenberger, Mrs. Mintzer, Maddie Beatty, and Bernie & Janet Hershey loaded up the Hershey trailer with most of the items that were in boxes, along with 16 bags of costume/clothing.

Applause has made arrangements for two large “pod” storage containers – and they have been installed on the Shellenberger property. Moving, cleaning, sorting and organizing is the goal of our work now. Clothing racks have been purchased for hanging/sorting items inside the pods.

The items that were on hangers seem to be what is in the bags – and that is our top priority right now! We absolutely MUST have EVERYTHING removed from the auditorium prior to July 18th! We are in need of helpers to load vehicles and transport bags to the Shellenberger farm to be unloaded. We need manpower, but we also need some drivers and vehicles.

9-12. Load and unload bags between PMHS and Manorfield farm. Mrs. Mintzer will be at PMHS from 9-12, Mrs. Shellenberger will be at home, ready to supervise the deliveries and storage process.
1-5. Work will continue at the Shellenberger farm to sort & organize.

6-7. If you are willing to “adopt a bag” of clothing (or two, or three) – stop by PMHS to pick up items that you can review at home. Instructions enclosed.

9-12. Load & unload
1-5. Sort & organize . (just like Monday)
By appointment (call/text Mrs. M to “adopt a bag”)

By now, we hope that all of the items will be moved. The play for Thursday is to work at the farm from 9-5 (as your schedule allows) to continue to sort and organize items.

PMHS is closed, so we’ll work 9-1 at the farm.

WEEK OF JULY 15-19 – To be determined, based on what we can accomplish this coming week.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS- The air quality in the green room and make up room tested positive for mold spores. The clothing itself does not have mold – but it has been exposed to the spores. In order to kill those spores, the items need to be laundered (in a washing machine) or exposed to fresh air and sunlight for a short period of time. Since it is summertime, we are hoping that we can round up many volunteers to take a bag of clothing and hang the hangers on your washline or at your home where they can be exposed to sunlight!

-If the items in your bag can be washed safely in a washing machine, please do so. But many of the items we have are gowns or suits that should be dry cleaned only… so for those items, we recommend the air/sunlight method. If your bag has things like mens dress shirts or pants/skirts that can be put in the wash, we ask you to do that load of laundry. You will have to check each item – depending on the fabric, or the style, each item in your bag may have to be grouped… you may have a few items to wash and a few items to hang.

We would like to know who to expect, and when you you can be there. Mrs. Mintzer doesn’t want to sit at PMHS unnecessarily (if nobody is planning to come), and Mrs. Shellenberger would like to have an idea of when people can work as well.
*Please respond by commenting to this post with your day/time (or willingness to adopt a bag!) – or by sending an email to Mrs. Mintzer ( or by contacting us by call/text: Mrs. Mintzer . 717-371-2506, Mrs. Shellenberger 717-808-5933

PMHS – plan to enter by the bandroom or the orchestra room (new handicapped accessible entrance)
Shellenberger property – “Manorfield farm” – 1411 Prospect Rd (south of route 30, within PM district)

Back of Make up Room
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  1. Ellen Herbert says:

    I can stop by Monday, July 8th at 6pm to adopt several bags.

  2. mmintzer says:

    That would be great. Depending on how much we are able to move on Monday morning, the pick up site may be at the pods on the farm. Text/call Mrs. M to find out where to meet up.

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