UPDATE: Monday, July 8th – WOW!

Thank you to the crew of helpers who showed up on Monday morning – we were able to load ALL of the bags into the trailer and other vehicles in record time! After just over an hour’s worth of time, everything was loaded and the caravan made its way to the Shellenberger farm. It was all unloaded and stored in the pods by about 11:00 – WOW!

This means that we need to revise our plan for the rest of the week. We still need plenty of help – but the work will be taking place at the Manorfield farm exclusively. If you need service hours for NHS or your graduation project, we can sign forms as needed. You will also log your time for Thespian hours and honors!

Mrs. Shellenberger will be home all week – and you are welcome to drop by anytime you’re available. The plan is to work between 9-5. Come when you can, leave when you must.

We have purchased several clothing racks that will be used in the pods – so we need to get the items out of the plastic bags, check the clothing for mending (tears, broken zippers) – and get it into the sunlight. ***We do still want folks to take items home to clean, check and hang outside – but you’ll need to pick up items at the farm now.** . Those racks are due to arrive today (Monday) – so we’ll start Tuesday morning with rack assembly.

Tues, Wed, Thurs – work at the farm/pods from 9-5. Friday – work at the farm/pods from 9-1.

Pick up of items to be laundered at home can be done anytime Mrs. Shellenberger is at home – reach out to her or Mrs. Mintzer to schedule a time in the evenings or outside of our normally scheduled work sessions.

THANK YOU for the help! We do still need more help – the longer process is just beginning! The more items we can sort, clean and organize – the better! We will try to sell items so that we can use those funds to rebuild also. Stay tuned for updates as work progresses – we’ll post info on the PM Theatre blog, Facebook page, and Google classroom. Please spread the word for anyone who is willing to join us!

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