Week of April 16th…

Hello Everyone,

I hope you were all able to enjoy the beautiful weather that we experienced this past Saturday. Here’s what is coming down the pike, this week, that will give our brains a workout and make them stronger.

Curriculum News:

Reading: The practicing and performing of our idiomatic readers’ theaters took more time than what I had anticipated last week. The children did a fabulous job of reading at a fluent rate with wonderful expression!  Hopefully, your child has shared with you some of the idioms that we worked with.  If not, encourage them to.  Since the readers’ theaters took longer than expected we began lesson twenty one today. The passage is expository nonfiction, and the focus skill is author’s viewpoint/perspective.

Spelling: Since the children are completing two Math PSSA tests today and Wednesday, the 5th grade isn’t doing a spelling unit this week.


Math: This week in math we will be taking our math PSSA tests on Monday and Wednesday. During our math classes, we will spend time wrapping up our unit reviews. Monday will focus on fraction computation again and Tuesday we will focus on converting measurements in metric and customary systems. Wednesday we will review our most recent unit, which was geometry. Thursday and Friday we will have math stations and do our unit 12 test corrections as well. Keep up the hard work in math this marking period fifth grade!
Wednesday, April 18th… The children will take their LAST PSSA Test for the year!!!
Friday, April 20th… It is a 1:30 dismissal.
Thank you for all of your support.  Try to stay dry today, and have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Eby 🙂
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