Week of May 30th….

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!  This is my last blog post for the year.  I can’t believe how quickly the 2016/17 school year has flown!  I have really enjoyed working with each and everyone of your children!  They are all very special and unique individuals who have a lot to offer! Here’s what we’ll be up to.

Reading:  This week we will work with lesson twenty-nine which will be our last anthology lesson for the year. Our passage is a narrrative nonfiction piece.  Today, we will review our focus skill of reading and analyzing text in order to distinguish the difference between facts and opinions.  We will also be introduced to lesson twenty-nine’s robust vocabulary. Wednesday through Friday, we will do our two close readings of our passage in order to prepare us for analyzing it for discussion and to play a reading game. Our 5th graders have worked very hard, this year, to improve their reading and writing skills.  They are to be commended for their diligence, internal motivation, and growth mindsets! WAY TO GO 5TH Graders!!!

Spelling:  Last week we completed lesson 30 which was the last spelling lesson in our 5th grade curriculum.

Math: In math this week we will finish up our 6th grade preview. Tuesday and Wednesday we will focus on equivalent ratios, then finish up the week by reviewing skills from fifth grade based on our last benchmark test. On Thursday we will practice decimal computation for the last time this year, and Friday we will practice fraction computation for the final time. Keep up the hard work in class and on your final homework of the year!


Monday, June 5th, we will celebrate the end of the year with one more “Read In”.  Your child may bring a blanket or sleeping bag, a stuffed animal, and books.  We will not be wearing pajama bottoms or slippers this time.  We can’t WAIT!!!

Wednesday, June 7th , is our last day of school!  The children get out at 11:30, and they do not have a lunch  period on this day.

Thank you for a wonderful year and take care!

Mrs. Eby 🙂

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