Week of October 23rd…..

Hi 5th Grade Martic Families,

It’s hard to believe that the end of October is right around the corner!   Our fifth graders are continuing to work hard, stretch their brains, and make them stronger…… Way to go 5th graders!!!  Here are some of the activities that we will be engaged in this week.


Curriculum News:


Reading:  Today we will finish up lesson six.  Tomorrow, we will begin lesson seven. It is a realistic fiction piece.  Our focus skill is to continue working on reading, analyzing, and identifying the theme of a narrative.  Also, we will discuss how characters’ qualities and actions contribute to the theme. Wednesday, Mrs. Wall will be visiting and doing a review Text Dependent Analysis essay writing lesson with us. We are looking forward to her visit!  Thursday and Friday, we will continue to work with lesson seven.


Spelling:  Your child received her/his spelling homework packet today.  He/she knows that the completed packet  is due on Thursday, and that their spelling test is on Friday.


Math: This week in math we will be working with 2 strategies to divide by 2 digit divisors. We will review traditional and Big 7 division throughout this week. For the division in this unit, students are encouraged to try figuring out how many times each part of the dividend can divide by the divisor, then check with a calculator if they are unsure. On Wednesday we will take a mid unit quiz, and Thursday and Friday is our first benchmark test in math.  Homework will look a little different this week, as each day is a review of each unit we have covered so far in preparation for the benchmark test. Keep up the hard work fifth grade!
Thank you for your support and have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Eby  🙂
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