Week of December 11th…

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a good weekend and were able to enjoy the first snowfall of the winter season.

Curriculum News:

Reading: Today, we did our independent and buddy study, of our robust vocabulary, for lesson 11.  We also reviewed comparing and contrasting.  Each student then completed their vocabulary and focus skill activities independently.  Tomorrow we will wrap up lesson eleven and then do some work with our Time for Kids magazine.  Wednesday, we will begin lesson twelve.  Our reading passage is an informational narrative, and we will continue to work on comparing and contrasting as our focus skill. Thursday and Friday will be spent getting familiar with lesson twelve’s new vocabulary and doing our first close reading of the informational narrative piece. We are busy, busy, busy stretching our brains and making them stronger!  I know you will keep putting 150% effort into everything that you do 5th graders… Way to go!!!

Spelling:  Your child received her/his spelling homework packet today.  He/she is aware that the completed packet is due on Thursday and that our test will be on Friday.

Math: This week in math we begin our 7th unit of the year! The first skill we learned today is order of operations, and tomorrow we will work on writing numeric expressions based on a word problem. Wednesday our focus will be identifying and extending numeric patterns, and we will begin a fun project to help practice that skill. On Thursday we will have a review day and quiz based on our first 3 lessons. Friday we will wrap up the week learning how to identify and plot a point on a coordinate grid. Keep up the hard work fifth graders!

Thank you for all that you do to make the home and school connection successful!  I really appreciate your continuous support!  Have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Eby 🙂


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