Week of February 26th…

Hi Everybody,

Everyone came to school today ready to hit the ground running… Keep on persevering and having a growth mindset fifth graders!  YOU ROCK!!!


Curriculum News:


Reading:  Today we began wrapping up lesson seventeen and will completely finish it tomorrow.  We will also get started with lesson eighteen’s focus skill.  For this lesson, we will read, analyze, and recognize the main idea of a text.  Plus, we’ll identify details (proof) that support the main idea.  Wednesday, our robust vocabulary lesson will be our main focus which will help us prepare to comprehend the first and second close readings of our realistic fiction passage on Thursday and Friday. As always, we will unpack our thinking while reading closely to ensure our comprehension.
Spelling:  Your child received her/his next spelling list and homework packet today.  The children are aware  that their packet is due on Thursday and the test is on Friday.

Math: This week in math we are beginning our eleventh unit, which is measurement. Monday we will start off by learning how to convert customary units of length between miles, yards, feet, and inches. On Tuesday we will focus on converting weight between tons, pounds, and ounces. Wednesday we will move on to customary capacity conversions, converting between gallons, quarts, pints, cups, and fluid ounces. Thursday will be a review day of all these conversions and the first quiz of the unit. On Friday we will take a break from conversions, and learn how to use line plots to find the fair share of the data. Only 2 more units left in fifth grade, keep up the hard work class!




Tomorrow:  Spring pictures will be taken.  It is also “Dress Like a Twin” Day


Wednesday:  Hat Day


Thursday:  Crazy Socks Day


Friday:  Wear Green Day


This is the last week to bring in books for the book swap.


Have a wonderful week, and I am very grateful for your support!


Mrs.  Eby 🙂




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