Transcript Requests

We have migrated our transcript request process from Career Cruising to XELLO as of August, 2019. Follow the directions below to request your transcript.


Current Classes

Request your Transcript via the XELLO  link on the Penn Manor Speed Dial Page


Graduated BEFORE 2019

please download, complete and return the Transcript-Release-Form.PDF to the PMHS Counseling office.

Fax:  717-842-2029  or email: or

The counseling office staff  is not responsible for the completion of transcript, applications or scholarship forms unless received at least 10 SCHOOL DAYS before the deadline date for mailing.


  1.  Access the Transcript Tool
    To begin, access the Transcript tool from the Goals &
    Plans link in the top menu or on the dashboard.
  2. Select a School
    The first page will be your list of Saved Schools.
    If you don’t have any schools saved, use the
    Search to find the school of your choice.
    Once you’ve selected the schools you wish to send a
    transcript to, they will show in the carousel at the
    bottom of the screen for quick and easy access.
    This is where the schools are saved if you leave
    before confirming your choices, so you can easily
    return and finish later.
    Once you’ve made your choices, click Next.
  3. Review and Send
    From your list of selected schools, review your
    choices and make any changes to your list as
    Once you’re happy with your decisions, click Send to
    request your high school send the transcript to the
  4.  View the Progress
    View your sent transcripts by clicking Track My
    Later, you can check the progress again by going to
    your Dashboard and clicking Transcripts.
    Click on the line of the transcript you’d like to view –
    a progress bar will show you the latest updates


3 thoughts on “Transcript Requests

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  2. Hi I faxed a trasncript request and was wondering how long it takes to receive them? Thank you ! -Alicia Wilson, 2013 grad

    • Hi Alicia,
      It’s Mrs Ostrowski— I was hoping you received the transcript that we sent for you. Please call the counseling office if there is any issue.

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