Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is for 11th and 12th graders to take classes at a local college for credit. Before doing the application and document submission, please review the Steps for Dual Enrollment and the Dual Enrollment Policies below.

Dual Enrollment Process

Step 1. Attend Dual Enrollment Meeting the semester before you intend to enroll. Students must attend each semester to get updates.

Step 2. Apply to the College and talk to your school counselor about your intentions to take dual enrollment. Submit the Intent Form. This must be done in the Spring for the Fall Semester and must be done if you need course substitution for a core class at Penn Manor (if you need it to count as something other than a Penn Manor Elective).

Step 3. Submit an Application to Penn Manor indicating what you got into with screenshot proof of your enrollment. This must be submitted for each class.

Once you are fully registered for the class and have figured out how to pay for the course, submit confirmation of your registration by submitting a screenshot of your college schedule. Keep in mind that fall college classes may start before our high school fall semester, so you must make sure you are available to attend before you enroll.

Congrats, you are a college learner! Represent Penn Manor well in your class. If there are any changes to your enrollment in the courses mid-semester, you must let your school counselor know immediately.

Step 4. Submit Final Grade. As soon as you get your final grade, please upload a screenshot of your final grade to the “Submit Dual Enrollment Files” form while we wait for the official transcripts. To get your Official Transcripts:
HACC and Thaddeus Stevens: Release for grades was part of the application process.
Millersville: Per the MU specific instructions, you should have already uploaded your transcript release form to MU directly or to the school counselors office at the start of the semester.
PA College of Health Sciences: Please request your official transcripts from your MY PORTAL online.

Penn Manor Education Foundation Scholarship APPLY HERE

The Penn Manor Education Foundation’s “Strong and Healthy Families Grant” will partially fund Dual Enrollment Classes at 50% of the cost of a course for students on free or reduced lunch. This will be a reimbursement scholarship. You will need to pay for the course upfront and then you will be reimbursed up to 50% of the tuition. Priority will be given to students whose family qualifies for free or reduced lunch. If your family does not have the ability to pay for the course at the time of registration please talk to your school counselor. The college may set up an interest-free payment plan for you.

Dual Enrollment Policies

Dual Enrollment is a special early entry program for talented high school students who wish to enroll part-time in college as they complete their junior and senior year in high school. To be admitted to early entry programs students must:

  • Show college-ready competency in at least English and Math. This is shown through SAT , PSAT or placement testing, depending on the school
  • Have exhausted all or most of the academically challenging course work offered by the high school. Dual enrollment is meant to complement the course offerings at high school, special permission is needed to substitute credit for a core course.
  • Student must have acceptable grades in core subjects

Students need to follow the application procedures and go through their assigned high school guidance for dual enrollment, especially with the schools Penn Manor partners with. Ms. Dana Wile is the dual enrollment liaison; however, students should go through their assigned counselor unless noted otherwise.

Tuition is paid directly to the college/university. Noted in the check-list are tuition reduction and scholarship opportunities Penn Manor is aware of at partner schools.  All course placements are subject to seat availability. Matriculated current college students receive priority in course selection.

Students can take Summer courses at colleges, but they will not count for High School Credit. We would still like to know that you are taking the course, so please fill out the Penn Manor Dual Enrollment Application.