Dual Enrollment – Earn College Credit

These are the current ways students can earn college credit while in high school:

  • Dual Enrollment For 11th and 12th graders at a local college for credit. HACC, Millersville, and Seton Hill are the schools that most students attend. Other options include Penn State York, Franklin and Marshal, and PA College of Health Sciences. See details below
  • Early Enrollment at Thaddeus Stevens Enroll in Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology as a 12th grader and complete your first year of college while you are a senior in high school.  Students attend at Thaddeus Stevens, with a 50% tuition rate and financial aid. Apply during your junior year for this senior year opportunity.
  • Lancaster Career and Technical Center Several of the CTC programs partner with HACC to offer dual enrollment credit. Other programs offer transferable classes to other technical colleges and universities.
  • Advanced Placement Courses There are about 16 AP courses for 11th and 12th grade students at Penn Manor (10th grade students can take these courses with teacher approval). To earn the college credit, students must take the College Board exam at the end of the course. Scored out of 5 points, most colleges take scores of 3 and higher.

Dual Enrollment with Local Colleges

Dual Enrollment is a special early entry program for talented high school students who wish to enroll part-time in college as they complete their junior and senior year in high school. To be admitted to early entry programs students must:

  • Show college-ready competency in at least English and Math. This is shown through SAT , PSAT or placement testing, depending on the school
  • Have exhausted all or most of the academically challenging course work offered by the high school. Dual enrollment is meant to complement the course offerings at high school, special permission is needed to substitute credit for a core course
  • Student must have acceptable grades in core subjects

Download the Dual Enrollment Checklist and Instructions HERE

Download the Penn Manor Dual Enrollment Application Here: HERE (Used for all schools except HACC. Stop by the School Counseling office at Penn Manor for the HACC application).

Students need to follow the application procedures and go through their assigned high school guidance for dual enrollment, especially with the schools Penn Manor partners with. Ms. Dana Wile is the dual enrollment liaison; however, students should go through their assigned counselor unless noted otherwise.

Tuition is paid directly to the college/university. Noted in the check-list are tuition reduction and scholarship opportunities Penn Manor is aware of at partner schools.  All course placements are subject to seat availability. Matriculated current college students receive priority in course selection.

View the post about  Millersville University Instructions and procedures (in addition to checklist above)