A week of your summer at Susquehanna University!


Consider spending a week of your summer at Susquehanna University, a residential liberal sumerworkshops arts and science college in central Pennsylvania where you will have the opportunity to live on their college campus while developing skills in college-level workshops!  Susquehanna offers a range of programs that allow you to gain hands on experience in areas such as..

Students will study the living and non-living components of stream systems and how those elements interact with each other. They’ll work at local streams and search under rocks for crawdads and salamanders, and test stream waters for phosphate, nitrogen and dissolved oxygen, using the same equipment and methods that professionals do.  There will be daily field trips and students will have the opportunity to go boating, canoeing and kayaking! Click here to apply

BUSINESS (June 26-July 2)
Students live the life of an entrepreneur where they will work in teams with other students as they run a virtual business, come up with a new product or service, and produce an infomercial. The week includes meeting with entrepreneurs and study trips to Hersheypark. Click here to apply

The comprehensive fee for the SEI program will be $925 and this includes rooms, meals and all of the program’s materials.  Students who apply on or before April 1st will receive the discounted fee of $875.  


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